A bit about us

Moldyfun™ offers our customers first-rate experience in novelty chocolate, cake, ice, jelly, soap mold products. We’re a business made up of people who love to be creative with moulds, with the drive to constantly update and improve customer experience of having fun making ice/chocolate/baking creations using our


Our Brand

Our brand is about having fun! Our products enable our customers to have fun with friends or family and educate us and our kids about making elegant creations to share and bring a smile to others!

Our Company Values


Our philosophy is to treat all our customers, vendors and employees with Trust, Integrity and Fairness. 

Customers first: we make every decision around what our customers want!

Amazing experiences: we work closely with our vendors and customers as one, which means creating fun experiences are the heart of everything we do.

Act with integrity: we do everything with integrity, which means we avoid doing anything that would be considered bad or ethically wrong! 

Think local: we work across many countries in the world, but in order to keep in touch with local communities we support all charitable work to make those communities better!

Make a difference every day: we strive to do our best to make a difference which means always thinking and putting into practice new products and services!