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MoldyFun, the silicone mold specialists. Create show-stopping cakes, resins and more, with our huge range of designs
MoldyFun, the silicone mold specialists. Create show-stopping cakes, resins and more, with our huge range of designs

Custard Cream Cake Mold - Giant silicone bakeware mold from Moldyfun

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Exclusive, and only available from Moldyfun!

The perfect giant custard cream silicone cake mold to create giant version of your favourite biscuit!

The UK's favourite biscuit, the custard cream is hugely recognisable. Create a novelty cake version using our robust silicone baking mold, and even follow our custard cream cake recipe.

Size: 20x15x5cm

Click here for our shoppable recipe page.

Click here for our exciting blog all about the UK nation's favourite biscuit and its fascinating history.

Exclusive to Moldyfun! Novelty cake molds of your favourite biscuits.

Moldyfun silicone bakeware for cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice and resin molds are:

  • Made of flexible, long-lasting, quality 100% food grade materials. BPA free, FDA approved.
  • Heat resistant, with a max. temperature limit: 230° C, 450° F
  • Freezer safe, with a low temperature limit: -40° C, -40 ° F>
  • Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick, although with cakes we advise using a non-stick spray with the silicone cake molds to make removing cakes that bit easier.

Non-stick spray for cake molds...buy it here

Our silicone baking molds enable you to unleash the creative cook inside you! Use our novelty molds to make cakes, ice cubes, chocolate shapes or special gifts with our resin molds.

Wondering how to use silicone baking pans? Visit our blog for stories, ideas and histories around silicone baking molds, cakes and more:

Click here for blog

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All measurements and weights are approximate.

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