• Coming soon... first Oreo mold cheesecake video in the works.

    A new video is in the works showing our collaborator Jose Carlos Flores @ NaturallyJo of Peru! Jose is famous for amazing Instagram videos!! We haven't ever considered using the Oreo mold for cheesecake so really excited to see this creation.  Coming soon!
  • New Marketing Partner!

    New Marketing Partner for MoldyFun! Tom Pannett Business owner It gives us great pleasure to announce ...
  • Giant Party Ring Cake Recipe (No. 2B)

    We've decided to post regular recipe cards to use with our cool products!! The second one is the giant party ring cake mould. Let us know what you think!
    This mould also works for resin, concrete, bath bombs, soaps, candles creations.... just don't try to eat any of these!! :)
  • Giant Custard Cream Cake Recipe (No. 1)

    OUR FIRST RECIPE CARD... THE GIANT CUSTARD CREAM CAKE   We've decided to post regular recipe cards to use with our cool s...
  • Ice, ice baby. Summer's here and the time is right...for cool cocktails and novelty ice cubes with our ice molds

    How to use our ice molds! Summer's here and the time is right....Lockdown could be coming to an end, the sun is shining. Although the time may not be right for dancing in the street just yet, it is the time for making and shaking some cool cocktails with ice cubes to match using our silicone ice molds.
  • Special days in June. Will you be hugging your cat?

    There are special days almost every day. It’s a growing trend that if we don’t have something to celebrate we feel we’re missing out. Now I know I am a grumpy middle aged man, but I do think we need to focus more. So have some fun and use one of our novelty silicone bakeware molds to help you get the most from life
  • Do you prefer the Americans or the British? The chocolate war is a matter of taste.

    The chocolate war between the American and British flavours is very much a matter of taste. It doesn't quite feature the battles or violence of previous conflicts between the two, but it certainly divides opinion. Read about the taste difference and some ideas for moulding chocolate with silicone baking moulds.
  • Blueberry Muffin Day is Coming!

    Blueberry muffins and a cup of coffee. Perfect. Read the history of Blueberry muffin day and how you can make one using our silicone cake molds.
  • Carrot Cake - Best of Memories

    Memories of Carrot Cakes I love a good carrot cake. Maybe it's because part of me pretends it's healthy. Maybe it's because I like the tangy ici...
  • Non-stick silicone mould spray - do you need it?

    Should you use a non-stick spray with a silicone cake mould? Moldyfun owner Tom explains how to get the best from your baking moulds.
  • Celebrate with a Giant Party Ring Mould - Perfection in a Cake!

    Party Ring biscuits were a product of 1980s fashion (think garish, bright, clashing colours). They became a firm biscuit favourite, and now you can bake your own Party Ring biscuit cake using our giant Party Ring silicone cake mould!
  • Who cares about Star Wars Day?

    So who cares about Star Wars Day? Well actually a lot of people care a lot about Star Wars Day. As May 4th comes around again you may be wondering ...