Moldyfun Relaunch!

Moldyfun update for 2020!

Moldyfun has improved its web presence and catalogue of novelty baking products for 2020.

As we expand from offering exclusive silicone cake moulds into a broader catalogue of products, we decided it was also time to enhance our marketing and support services.

Hopefully you'll be excited by the extended new 2020 range - from superhero moulds to funko pops - but still based around what you know and love us for, our novelty cake moulds to help you and your party go with a bang!

We're also working with baking organisations to bring you the best recipes to go with our cake moulds, making us the one stop shop for your baking party needs.

We're also open to ideas on how to improve, so get in touch to tell us what you'd like to see from us going forward.

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