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Wq zxc Rubik's Cube 3Rd-Order Shaped Nautilus Irregular Puzzle Toy...


Wq zxc Rubik's Cube 3Rd-Order Shaped Nautilus Irregular Cube Puzzle Toy Precision Card Foot More Smooth Maze Puzzle Creative Gift

Product Details

  • Brand: Wq zxc
  • Model Number: 563-693-752
  • [Environmentally friendly materials] Green, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable - Green and environmentally friendly design, safe and reliable, made of durable, environmentally friendly ABS plastic materials, absolutely safe for human health.
  • [Rotating very smooth] Good corner cutting for easy distortion. Not only will the rotation be enhanced, but you will also rotate it faster than other cubes. No matter how fast you go, it won't block you because there is a chamfer in every corner. Lightweight and compact, it is suitable for carrying around.
  • [High quality] High quality cube puzzle, durable and compact - it has a very controlled speed so you don't overshoot. When you hold it or cube it with it, you will feel it has a very strong and strong structure.
  • [Unique function] Rubik's cube can cultivate children's sense of space and enhance their memory; playing this in their spare time can release the work pressure of adults and help prevent the memory loss of the elderly. This speed cube game will never go out of style, keeping your kids away from TV
  • [suitable for age] for everyone - boys, girls, teenagers, adults and even your lovely grandparents!

►Light weight, comfortable, hands-free and easy to carry.
► No need for special organization, placement, it can simply form a beautiful landscape
► Improve your child's grip, hand-eye coordination, and vision so that they don't just focus on games and mobile phones. At the same time increase parent-child communication and interaction.
Unleash people's lives and work pressures
Exercise the brains of older people, improve memory and practice hands-on skills.

►Material: ABS
►Color: reference picture
►Package: original box
►Level: Shaped 3rd order
►Size: 95*61*80mm
►Weight: about 113 grams

►What's in the box?
1 *95*61*80mm cube

►Small tips
1. Because it is made up of small parts to avoid injury after breaking, children under the age of 3 need to be accompanied by their parents.
2. This product can be disassembled, but beginners should not try to open it to avoid unrecoverable.
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