New Marketing Partner!

New Marketing Partner for MoldyFun!

Tom Pannett 
Business owner

It gives us great pleasure to announce we've recently appointed a new marketing partner called 1177 Marketing! This firm will be taking an active role in promoting our products and tips and recipes on our new YouTube channel as well as managing our FB/Instagram/Pinterest channels. They have a lot of experience in handling SME accounts and you can expect lots of content coming your way from us in the not too distant future! :)

New molds at moldyfun


... and new products due for release in Q4 2020!! 

Linked to the new marketing support, we will be offering several exciting new products in Q4 2020 including our planned "giant pink letter molds" for epoxy resins, cakes, chocolate creations and "Sonic The Hedgehog" which is perfect for making children's party chocolates, ice cubes!!



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