Moldyfun in The Sun! Read the newspaper article about our biscuit molds.

Great news, we were featured in the Sun Newspaper. Many thanks to the Sun Saver Team for making this happen. We've spent a tough 4 years trying to get the message out there about the fun of making giant biscuit cakes without any stress on finishing features with our great range of 6 giant biscuit cake moulds!


Moldyfun featured in The Sun newspaper


The article as printed:

WHO doesn’t love a custard cream with their cuppa? I was amazed when I discovered you can bake your own giant biscuit-shaped cakes using a handy mould. They are perfect for birthdays. I spoke to biscuit fanatic Tom Pannett, 45, below, for his tips on creating cakes that take the biscuit.

Tom, from Egham, Surrey, sells the moulds at Cheat and eat: Tom says: “The great thing about the moulds is they are an easy way to get perfect results every time.” His custard cream moulds are now £19.99, down from £22.99, and they can be used over and over again. SAVING: £3 on the mould Perfect detail.

Tom says: “Always add anti-stick spray to the inside of the moulds so when you take cakes out, detail is not lost.” I’m a big fan of the PME Release-ACake spray. It’s £2.99 at, cheaper than £3.50 at SAVING: 51p Use your imagination: Tom says: “The recipes we provide are only a guide. Feel free to make changes.” Little ones will love getting inventive with giant versions of their favourite biscuits.

Not just regular cake: Tom says: “You can make alternatives such as ice-cream cakes or vegan cheesecakes too.” I love Tom’s idea of an ice-cream cake. To make one on the cheap, use Asda Smart Price vanilla soft scoop ice cream, 92p for two litres. It is cheaper than Kelly’s clotted cream vanilla ice cream, currently £2.50 at Morrisons for one litre. 

You can buy Tom’s moulds at There are six giant designs to choose from: custard cream, bourbon, jammy dodger, party ring, KitKat and Oreo. The website has lots more tips and tricks. Prices correct at time of going to press. 

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